Welcome ! We are glad you are visiting our site and hope that you are able to find what you are looking for. Many times in this life we ask “why?” in a variety of different contexts and reasons. At some point each one of us seeks help and answers to the questions that may be gnawing at our mind and conscious. Where do we find the answers we seek? How can I explain why I experience such pain and anguish? What happens to my loved one when he/she dies? Where do I go when I die? Our goal as a Spiritist Society is to help educate, comfort and disseminate these amazing precepts that is Spiritism; where these very questions we are able to answer and at times comfort those in need. It is a journey beginning inside you. A journey of inner transformation and education or at times reeducation. We hope that as a whole we can offer a light and it is up to each individual to use this light in their journey to find their way. God being the supreme intelligence, The first cause of all things, Jesus is our guide & mentor, and Kardec we use our fundamental basis. The Spiritist Society of Philadelphia offers a serious study on the books of Kardec and other adjunct Spiritist literature .The Society offers a serious study on mediumship and its practice following strictly to the guidelines suggested to us within the teachings and in accordance with the rules and regulations of our Society. For further info please use the “Contact” button and send us an email! Many Blessings! __________________________________________________________________________________________

“Spiritism is the New Science which has come to reveal to mankind by means of irrefutable proof the existence and nature of the spiritual world and its relation with the physical world.” – Allan Kardec (The Gospel According to Spiritism, chap 1) –  Read more here

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