We were founded in 1975 by Mariza and Ed DeMelo where they held meetings in the basement of their home for a number of years before moving to a different location. In the late 70’s Mariza and Ed both traveled down to North Carolina where Chico Xavier had helped start a study group/center. There they came to know a Mr. Hadad and shortly there after began their own study group turned center in the late 1970’s here in Philadelphia,Pa(U.S.A.) 
We were formally known as the “Emmanuel Spiritist Center” .The name originated from Mariza DeMelo’s personal experience and encounter with Spiritism. After many years of not understanding her own mediumship a friend lent her the book “Renuncia” by Chico Xavier/Emmanuel (not in English yet) and it was in this book that she finally found the answers to her burning questions. She wanted to give homage to Emmanuel for helping her find her way. Rightfully so the center was given the name “Emmanuel Spiritist Center” Although at present we have registered ourselves as a non-profit charity organization 501 C 3 and became incorporated  under the name of “The Spiritist Society of Philadelphia,Inc.”.

Those souls who help us find our way will always live inside and as a part of us for all eternity.

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